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Character Creation for Game Development

Our 3D Character design process is a well-defined one. We painstakingly transform each of your requirements into magnificent 3D illustrations. Our aim is to come up with 3D animation that is admired by you and your audience. We go beyond just crafting picturesque animations, we spice them up with gaming gimmicks so that your target gamer gets the message right.

The 3D design is expanded in many industries, including mobile applications, computer-animated films, environments, game applications, animation films, assets, architecture, props, and many more. At MY INFOTECH GROUP, we design and create organic 3D characters, environments, creatures, and assets that are composed and designed to blend in every scene.

Our 3d Modeling Services

At MY INFOTECH GROUP, our team of 3d designers goes a step ahead to understand our clients’ requirements and bring down their expectations into reality in the form of 3d models/characters.

Demonstrative 3D character

Training based 3D character models

Character modeling for ads

3D Cad

3D Building

Game character creation

Demonstrative 3D character

3D character for brand representation

Our Process

Step 1

Requirement Collecting

Step 2

UI/UX Design

Step 3


Step 4


Step 5

Quality Assurance

Step 6


Step 7

Support & Maintenance

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